Varalakshmi Rangolis

Rangoli: Free hand rangoli on varamahalakshmi pooja

Hi All, Here is a free hand rangoli done on Varamahalakshmi pooja day...It took 45 minutes for me to complete it.

Rangoli: Lotus kolam

This kolam was drawn for varamahalakshmi pooja which i celeberated on the last friday of shravana. your views please.

Rangoli: Varalakshmi viratam padi kolam
This rangoli was published on 2012-08-19.
Rangoli: mirror kolam

this line kolam, i have done for the varalakshmi pooja day.

Rangoli: Varalakshmi pooja in my house

Varalakshmi pooja at my place. My mother-in-law had decorated, my mother-in -law is very artistic and does very neat work.

Rangoli: Varalakshmi nombu  - Maa kolam inside our compound

We have cement floor inside the compound, and presenting here the maa kolam made there for varalakshmi nombu.
I had made a paint kolam on that place earlier...The traces of it are still there. That is why you could see some colors in the centre

Rangoli: Varalakshmi nombu  - Maa kolam @ Pooja room


This Kolam is made on varalakshmi nombu day in the pooja room where we keep the GODDESS.

Rangoli: Padi kolam

Padi kolam drawn for varalakshmi viratham

Rangoli: Varalakshmi Nombu Padi Kolam

This is the kolam done at the entrance of my house during Varalakshmi Nombu. It is not dried fully but i clicked photo before as there is no guarantee of kolam staying in shape till it dries. Please bear with this unclear image. I still wanted to upload to just show you the effort taken.

Rangoli: Dotted kolam 15-1

Hi! friends, this kolam was made by me for varalakshmi vratam 2011.