Varalakshmi Rangolis

Rangoli: Varalakshmi Vratham

Here is the picture of our (I & Padmasree) varalakshmi vratham pooja at my son's residence in Hyderabad. Its been a while since i uploaded pics. Hope you like the picture.

Rangoli: kalasa kolam

this was put for varalakshmi pooja infront of our house,25 to 1 straight dots.

Rangoli: Varalakshmi Vritam 2011 kolam

Hai to all This is the kolam I made for varalakshmi vritam this year using finger technique and in centre of flowers I have placed mirrors and main emphasis in the middle of the kolam is Hand made ohb sheet work using glass colours and Ive used 3d outliners instead of glass liners. hope you all like this ..

Rangoli: arisi mavu kolam

kolam done on varalakshmi nonbu at our house porch to welcome goddess lakshmi as she is fond of maa kolam.

Rangoli: Rangoli

Hi friends,
this simple rangoli was drawn in front of my house on Varalakshmi Vratham day . Your views.

Rangoli: Varalakshmi Vratam

Hi! friends I am uploading collage image of varalakshmi vratam.



HAI friends.
i drawn this small dotted kolam on varalakshmi viratham.... i am waiting for your comments...
dot count..

Rangoli: Varalakshmi vratham kolam

Hi friends...This ia a very small and simple padikolam done by me for the last friday of aadi as well as Varalakshmi Vratham in my pooja room...Awaiting your views on this kolam....

Rangoli: padi kolam

this is my first maa kolam.i did this for varalakshmi pooja on thursday night.when it was wet i was a little happy only,because of the light pink flooring colour.on friday morning when i opened the door the maa kolam after it got dried,looked very nice (for me).is it ok, any
comments or suggestions to improve --please.

Rangoli: varalakshmi pooja maa kolam

This kolam was put for varalakshmi pooja. Let us know how it is.