doll dressed up for golu

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it is a doll madeup of pop with only Head, Hands And Upper body only.
I have placed the upper body and head on an iron stand, stuffed with news paper to give it proper curves and wrapped a complete 6yards sari around the stand, putting my jewellery on it to cover the joints at neck.
I am sharing this with you all so that you can also try it out at your place.
Any queries about this is most welcome.

Rangoli: doll dressed up for golu


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Welcome to ikolam Ms.Lata! Smile
Your doll is decked up very beautifully, looks grand.
The chariot next to her feet is also pretty. Thanks for sharing this with everybody. Smile

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Beautiful dainty lady, great idea to share with friends.Thank you

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Very Pretty Lady Doll, Lata Ma'am..... You sure have done an excellent job in giving her a full form.....Thanks a lot for sharing with us.......

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Such a beautiful lady giving a traditional welcome to all the people who come to your house for golu - lovely work Lata Smile By the way how tall is this doll??

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she is completely nearly 3 feet tall

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Lataravi, very beautiful doll and the decoration is super. Can we have the full view of the Golu dolls also?rajamma

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Beautiful lady doll,very nice decoration, saree also looks very beautiful......keep it up Lataji.thanks for sharing.

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Wow its so lovely.....

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Simply superb....

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wow nice one. Thanks for sharing

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Lovely doll. great work. Thank u for sharing this.

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Wow... Beautiful lady!... Azhagu Sundari unga peerennamma.... Sollungamma...We are waiting....
Thanks Lataravi ma'am..

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Very nicely dressed to invite guests! What is the height of the doll? Also I think she needs a name. I'll call her aruNalata as she wears a red sari and as she is a ward of latAjI.

Regards! - mOhana

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Good work indeed, lataraviji! Did you use the full 6 yards saree for this decoration?

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yes i have used my own saree 4 the gauri's decoration

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hi...very nice doll...
what's that in all the steps of the golu in white colour with blue and golden glitters

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i'm sorry 2 reply so late, i was not well. The glitters u see is a flat pipe light thoran, which is available in the market. it is very good as u can used it during diwali also,

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wonderful decorations , lata.

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Beautiful and well decorated lady welcoming people gives joy for the people who are welcomed. Nice and novel idea Lata Raviji.

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gorgeous wk

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Looks very pretty

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very beautiful,you done excellent job on the pretty doll.

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wonderful can u post ur entire golu

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Beautiful creation and thanks for the idea.

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Please explain what is golu.

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Here is my quick and short explanation:

Golu is a arrangement of dolls on steps displayed during a Hindu festival called Navrathri - a festival of nine nights that is celebrated during the Fall season. People who celebrate Navrathri invite women and girls over to share the blessings of the Goddesses. Please click on the tag called "golu" and go over the various photos and you'll find many explanations regarding this significant fall celebration that will offer you a complete understanding of this topic. Smile