rangoli made on tulsi vivah day

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I hope u'll like this rangoli, as i had no time and i had to make it in the late evening.
please comment

Rangoli: rangoli made on tulsi vivah day


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Very pretty swastik rangoli for Tulasi vivah! I like your choice of colors.
Thank you for sharing it here Smile

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Dear Lataravi,nice Swastik kolam with attractive colors. So busy? forgot to light the inner and outer Diyas? rajamma

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Lovely colour combination

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Beautiful colourful swastik kolam ma'am...........

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Lathaji,very beautiful rangoli.Lovely colour combination.waiting to see more of ur creations.

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nice coloring and looks very good. but something is missing ???

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very beautiful is it dots

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Lata ma'am very nicely done one... pleasant colors

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This is actually nice. I like the way the floor colour nicely merged with the rest of the rangOli. May be the lamps could have been "lit".

Regards! - mOhana

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Very nicely done. One suggestion, u could have filled the empty space also with colors. That would have really looked nice.

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It is really good rangoli and also colour combination is very nice.

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With NO TIME if you could bring out such beauty - just imagine with MORE TIME what you would do..... I suppose Lata was waiting for it to become night before the lamps were lit (hehe just joking please) Blum 3

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Beautiful! Colourful Swastik .. very neatly done. keep it up