rangoli made during deepavali

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Hi everybody,
I had made this rangoli in front of my house during deepavali. I did not have black color so i crushed coal pieces and used it as black color.

Rangoli: rangoli made during deepavali


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You are one highly motivated artist! Crushing coal pieces to get black color shows how determined you are to get your choice of colors. Smile Looks like black did do some magic here, and has made the other colors pop out. Smile

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beautiful kolam,c good idea....nice design...

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nice & different one.

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Lataraviji, " Vallavanukku pullum aayudham"( strong man can use grass also as weapon) good design, nice coloring. Me too tried once using charcoal powder for black coloring. But cleaning the floor was not that easy. so left it.

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Neat and nice.........\

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Beautiful design and good colour combination. Even coffee powder and turmeric powder is also used for getting the proper shades needed.

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very nice colourful design

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Good bold design

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Lovely design Lataravi - how come you did not take part in the diwali contest??

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Nice kolam and hats off for your enthusiasm and determination to get the colour of your choice - black. Have you done the bordering with chalk?

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My suggestion is that after putting rangoli and displaying again Rangoli powder can be collected from the floor and kept seperately.The collected powder will be mixture of all colours and it will have hues of brown/grey shades and can be used for background again. That light/dull colours will help it highlighting the new rangoli and the kolam powders can be recycled also.