Rangoli: Doll rangoli...15 to 5 straight dotted rangoli
Created by on 2016-05-18,

Rangoli Dotted Kolam (connected dots): Doll rangoli...15 to 5 straight dotted rangoli by

Rangoli: Bommai kolam
Created by Mala on 2015-07-23,

Rangoli intermediate: Bommai kolam by Mala

Rangoli: Happy Hinamatsuri
Created by lakshmiraghu on 2013-03-02,

Hi this is a free hand design,was drawn in front of thulasi brindhavana..for doll's day...(as breeze was more kolam powder was flying hahah)could not shoot the picture clearly... Sad your views please...

Rangoli: Doll festival rangoli (hinamatsuri)
Created by lakshmiraghu on 2013-03-02,

Hi friends Happy "Hinamatsuri" Biggrin dolls festival in japan. Smile this is dotted rangoli dots:-10 dots 2 rows .... up to 2.straight dots.your views please.

Rangoli: bommai kolam
Created by sree rathna lakshmi on 2013-01-18,

Bommai kolam Favorite for kids

Rangoli: doll dressed up for golu
Created by lataravi on 2009-09-23,

it is a doll madeup of pop with only Head, Hands And Upper body only.
I have placed the upper body and head on an iron stand, stuffed with news paper to give it proper curves and wrapped a complete 6yards sari around the stand, putting my jewellery on it to cover the joints at neck.
I am sharing this with you all so that you can also try it out at your place.
Any queries about this is most welcome.

Rangoli: Bommai Kolam
Created by cpdeepa on 2009-05-28,

This is 13-1 straight. Coloring will make it more attractive.