Submit my rangoli/kolam images

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If it is a rangoli kolam, description about my rangoli ( friday kolum)

Rangoli: Submit my rangoli/kolam images


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Beautiful padi kolam with blue and brown color. Please give a proper title, I mean even a "rangoli" title would be enough. I'm not editing it yet, so you could see and understand how things flow in this page. Thank you for uploading this rangoli. Smile

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nice kolam.

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Nice rangoli - would have been better had you rotated the image correctly before uploading so we could enjoy it better Smile

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Your sliding kolam looks very beautiful

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nice kolam aanaal Paathaa thalai suthudhe!

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padi kolam is nice, try to take a picture from the terrace or with the help of a stool. thanks for sharing

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Nice Padi kolam with colors..

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beautiful rangoli

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beautiful one

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That's a nice one.