Pineapples and webs

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I just love crocheting...I do it as a hobby, I just keep doing one after the other

Rangoli: Pineapples and webs


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Welcome back Nalini! Smile
What a lovely lacey surprise! Such an intricate piece. I wonder how many days it took for you from start to finish. Also, let us know how you display it in your house.

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Wow, i can't take my eyes. Lovely pattern and looks like maakolam. The outer design is marvellous, no words to praise you. By the way, please let me know where you learn this art work?

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thanks for your comments nitya, acutally one of my friend taught two basic stitches when I started crocheting few years back(in 2000). After a long break of about 3-4 years I started exploring and learnt many new stitches and patterns.

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nice wk nalini

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Nalini, outstanding presentation dear. Where do u stay? Now this is the question that arises in everyone's mind. We want to catch hold of you to learn this art.


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wow ur work all r nice dear!-suguna murugesan

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Lovely crochet made by u nalini mam...d base brown cloth gives such a nice contrast ....

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very nice work nalini .I too love crochet work.and also made some.My dil also work crochet.She make some crochet doll dress and a baby sweater too.I will upload it soon.

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Nalaini, welcomeback. A lovely hand work. The design looks like a maaakkkolam. I think you need lot of patience to do such minute work. Hats off to you.we like to see more of your lovely works.

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thank you rajam aunty, I have uploaded many today in the cafe topic, lata will be putting it in crafts section later.

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thanks to all

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So beautiful crochet work Nalini...looks so perfect.

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Wow, lovely work Nalini. Extremely good.

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what a beautiful lace nalini nice one. gud one.

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Nalini guru nice chance start one class with heavy fees .see so many are there in the queue to learn from u .Marvelous dear .Yummy pinneple dear fresh and sweet .Hats off to u

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thanks dr, all are most welcome to learn, knowledge shared is knowledge gained, i learnt on my own with practise so will u all

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Nalini, where do u stay? Chennai? In one of your comments, u had mentioned that u do this crochet work while travelling in train. That's why i asked.

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maha, I stay in mumbai

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Nalini Mam, is there any class for learning this art work, amazing work done by you?

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I have not heard of any class for crochet, but you can search for in the net. There are amazing patterns available on the net.

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wow .. looks like a kolam and hatts off to your beautiful creative mind and Patience to do such an intricate work .

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So beautiful.such a lovely design.