Margazhi dew drops kolam contest

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I don't know whether it is eligible or not to participate.Though I send it for your views.You may try it for radhasapthami day.

Rangoli: Margazhi dew drops kolam contest


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Suba this is such a pretty kolam, how i wish u had put it on floor... this looks so good as a PC kolam itself, it would hv looked very good on floor

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Lovely ther on a journey to contest, Somehow caught my attention in the midway before reaching its destination point Smile

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Lovely ther kolam suba...definetely i will do this someday on d floor....btw pl tell me when is rathasapthami...hehe

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Rani, Radha Saptami is on 10th Feb! எல்லாருமா தரையில் தேர் இழுக்க்கலாமா?

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Sorry, it is Rathasaptami not radha Saptami!

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Pretty Ratham kolam.

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Pretty ratham kolam done in pc....

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pretty pc wk, lovely ratham, well executed

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Nice PC kolam.


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Good idea jaya mam...on 10th feb....during would be nice to see our homepage full of therkolams...haha

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Thank you pushpa,vinci,Rani,jaya,kameswari,vijaysowmya,uma and mahalakshmi.jaya and rani Are you ready to put "radham kolam "for Radhasaptami.?

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Lovely design. Look forward to see this on floor done by our chikku kolam experts.

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pretty pc wk, lovely ratham.....

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Sure suba after knowing d date will i miss such a nice opportunity...sure will try a ther kolam...

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Lovely chariot you have produced on the PC Suba - looks marvellous - so I am waiting to see all the different kinds of chariots on Feb 10...

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Thank you veena manigandan,lakshmi, Rani and jude.