kolam 2(9x1)

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Tried simple dotted kolam with 9x1.hope u will like the design .suggestions please for the improvement .(Maha vasanthi i know many more punishments r waiting for me.i tried to fullfil the punishment given by ammu in simple way as the time limit is given by maha .if posible i will make it in floor and upload )

Rangoli: kolam 2(9x1)


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Neat work dear. Good attempt. Try to upload soon your floor version and also the homework given by Rani. (I'm still angry on you for cheating us again).


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pretty work ji. colourful and neat...awaiting to see your floor version....

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Mah,as my home is very small and outside the flat is allowed only during the diwali (as sweeper will have additional work) only scope is left with me is in night after my hero goes to good night dream sleep i shoud try in hall room and after clicking i should remove the kolam otherwise he will bring new ,beautiful ,good wife for him .

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Haha...hilarious rekha mam..ur comment....just chill down maha...after seeing this adorable kolam we all shd encourage our naughtiest jerry pa....very nice try by u rekha mam....

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wow.... is this reka mam. wonderful mam., well prepared in paper drawing.... then your paper cutting style... side border... reka mam; dont escape... see your next kolam on floor... waiting eagerly... (u r escape photos view) but not in Kolam hhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ... very nice mam.,

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very nice attempt.congratulations Rekha mam.

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the cross lines are the pinnal you put for your daughter sand the other design is your hair style ... kondai with long Hair pins... correct?

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ha ha ha rajammaji..."nalla arumayana karpanai.." and Dr.ji, you can use your kitchen top also for small small kolams na...(your hubby will think that you are cooking...eeeeeeeeeeehhh nice idea na....)eeeeh aaah ooohhh

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vasanthi what a great idea maam .Yes ji i will do that agin only after my hero goes to sleep....