Free hand kolam

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Hi frienz, this is another free hand kolam drawn today morning, how is it, ur sweet comments please

Rangoli: Free hand kolam


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Awesome sudha mam...just see d difference how d kavi makes ur kolam brighten up on ur lovely floor....superb design...

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Hey sudha, wonderful free hand design. The minimum kavi has maximized the beauty and has given a bright look. The design is also very attractive.

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Nicely drawn freehand kolam with neat kavi!

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wonderful design Sudha mam,looks very beautiful.

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looks neat and well colored with kaavi

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wow sudha...very beautiful...the decorations are very pretty...the kaavi has highilighted it more

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Kaavi has entirely changed the outlook of your kolam. Lovely kolam with bowl of laddoos..

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Kavi enhances the beauty of ur kolam.very nice.

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lovely sudha

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lovely sudha

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BEAUTIFUL Sudha ! The lotus, decoration round the curves n the netted design all look very pretty Smile

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Wow Sudha maam fantastic work dear. Do u see the difference in the kolam with kaavi, it gives it a rich and grand look.

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wow..very beautifully done kolam with bright kavi..

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Very nice Rangoli design with kaavi decorations.


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Very nice

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Beautiful free hand design beautified by jaju.

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lovely kolam sudha

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pretty Smile

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Lovely kolam with nice decorations...

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Beautiful Sudha trademark kolam.

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A wonderful design drawn beautifully. Smile
Nice kaavi work too.

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Neat work Sudha - glad you used kaavi as it looks much better and lifts the design from the floor Smile