Computer padi kolam??

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This was one kolam that I had created sometime in May 2009 and forgot about it. Today when I was going through some old files I found this one and decided to upload it.

Rangoli: Computer padi kolam??


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Kalkeramme photoshop kolathil.

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lovely judy...but i have seen d same kolam...i think that was too made by nice green colour...this is beautiful...

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Nice design and looks good on a black background.. Hope You have a huge collection in your "Forgot to Upload" Folder.. Do give us a visual treat.. As we always say Ullam Kekume More....

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Thanks Viji for your comment. Rani you have very good memory - yes, indeed I had uploaded this in white and green, just checked and found it in my gallery. Usually what I do is after I upload a kolam, I usually store it away in a 'sent' folder. Somehow I forgot to file this after uploading, so I thought I did not upload it and changed the colour, touched it up a bit, made a little modifications to the circles and then uploaded it. Thanks for pointing this out to me - I think I should double check before uploading my kolams as I don't want to use extra space by duplicating kolams (Lata sorry about this). Vinci I do have a lot of kolams that I am yet to upload - I am going slow because there are so many newcomers in ikolam recently and Lata must be having the time of her life trying to cope up with the inflow of kolams, so what I do is, upload one kolam a week - promise to give you 'more' of those lovely treats on and off.

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superb .... looks great judi.....

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Very beautiful Judy maam.

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Thank you Aichu and Padma for your comments Smile

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whether you have uploaded already or not, this looks very perfect and beautiful, Judy. Tempting me to try this in kolapodi:)

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Thanks Brindha - when will you treat me with this one in your version??