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This is the other rangoli I had done for my neighbour. The floor tiles were already in that pattern. So all I did was selected a small area and filled colors.

Rangoli: Blossoms


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Oh wow...great idea...nice pattern and cols vani Smile

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hi vani .....i am admiring your all kolams :star:

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very pretty and neatly created vani

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Very well created and nicely used the design of your tiles.

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Thank you all!

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A lovely geometric pattern in bright colors! Smile

Apart from your rangolis, I also enjoy your style of writing. I noticed that you don't mix any regional words either in the descriptions, or in comments. I would like to know what you think of this site, mostly the site's culture. I understand you are from Hydrabad. Are you able to understand some of the other south-Indian phrases/words that you find here? Please email me regarding a few tips that this site could use, as far as improvement goes. Thanks in advance. Biggrin

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Lata, thank you for your words of appreciation. I happened to visit this website in 2008 and have ever since been an ardent follower of this and now it has grown to an addiction. This website has a devout purpose. So your efforts are commendable. I enjoy the banter of the ladies here though I cannot follow Tamil (I am a Ielugu). They spread positivity which is very good. Thanks for asking for my inputs. Surely, would mail in my observations and suggestions. However, prima facie I just looooooooovvvvvvvveeee this website.