Beginner Kolam

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dots: 5 - 5

More from my collection of small kolams for beginners and for small spaces too

Rangoli: Beginner Kolam


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Have you ever played with Gilli-dundaa in your childhood days? I have, and it is a fun game. The black concave-shaped objects remind me of that game. Gilli is the smaller piece of stick that we place on the ground, and we hit this piece with a bigger stick (the dundaa), and bat it far away! It is more popular with boys. Smile

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Nice pc rangoli.Yes Lata it loks like same....Gilli.

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yes lata your comment is as good as jude's kolam

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simply superb pallavi

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Hehe so many comments and I did not notice it earlier?? Yes we used to play Gilli when we were kids. Thank you Lakshmi, Subashini and Shridipallu..