again kanya kolam

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yesterday put this kolam too som small designs from ikolam site and made my creation. hope u all like the same. ur commets please

Rangoli: again kanya kolam


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withih a dotted decorated border your kanya kolam is glittering.

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ur kolam looks grand!!yes rajammaji ur right!!keep it up..alameluji,ru from chennai??

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lakshmi i am in trivandrum kerala. not in chennai.. all the best for u all for the chennai meet

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very beautifully decorated traditional kolam - Alamelu this is lovely Smile (Lakshmi what?? looking for more new members to attend the meet ah??)

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Rajamma maam, planning to getting ready to decorate the kanya or kanya kolam ? Alamelu maam really you kolam is awesome

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thank u rajamma mam, judy and sudhabalakrishnan for your encouragement dear.

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I guessed so Alamelu, all ur padikolams have that kerala touch.( and also thatblack cement vaasal)

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what is the kerala touch rajamma mam i learned from my periyammai she is in chennai now but she also brought up in kerala but my patti from devakottai. her name is actually alamelu

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hi,i never seen these kind of kolam,looks too nice,please send these kind of kolams more

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Alamelu maam this is just splendid kolam... as I say "white angel in a black beauty background"

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actually i'm becoming a fan of ur kolams. very well done.

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Kerala touch, probably in your lotus at the corners, right Rajam?
Alamelu madam, Shall we have the next year ikolam meet in TVM? Nice place. I would like to visit your place again and again!

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thank u jayamohan. o i c through lotus there is difference. yes ofcourse there is no question to ask we can have the next ikolam meet in tvm dear. a very very bless place by our padmanabha swamy. god own country. sure u are all welcome and we will have a nice time here dear.

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For a change this one has lots of wavy lines in the kolam. It is nice to learn about the Kerala touch too. We visited the Padmanabha temple a couple of months ago, and were reminded of the darshan in Tirupathi temple. Very special place, good darshan, but we almost got hurt in the pulling and pushing that went on, since it was too crowded. Smile
The painted spiritual/mythical art work found on the walls were one of a kind. No wonder cameras weren't allowed.

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i mailed you my number thought that you will contact when u come. better luck next time lata. lata were r u presently in chennai or outside India. Yes the painting in the temple are like that only. Thank u lata for the comments

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thank u thamiz, dibbutn, and rajusree for all your encouragements which tempt me to put more and more kolams and post to this site. but poor lata is very busy putting our kolams in the site in order. pavam lata

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Beautiful traditional kolam with a bridal looking border. The Lotuses are looking magnificent.

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Excellent padi kolam, the outer border with dotts enhances the beauty of the kolam

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thank you brindha and nithya for ur comments dear