Aadi 3rd Friday kolam

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I made this today (3rd friday of Aadi) and it took 45 minutes to complete and stayed for 3 hours.

Rangoli: Aadi 3rd Friday kolam


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hai brinda...this is awesome...but they say roller kolams r easy (if u r well versed )and it also takes less time..urs has come out very neatly...

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The kolam n the design looks beautiful.

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முக்கால் மணி நேர வேலையும் மூன்று மணி நேர வாழ்வும்! அதுதான் போட்டோ பிடித்து விட்டீர்களே, என்றும் எம் நினைவில் நிற்க!

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awesome brindha, really wonderful. is it possible to upload which type of kambhi kolam u use ? broders one or smaller one.

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Brindha, I think some magic is their both in your hand and in your kuzhal. Day by day the designs are becoming big and elaborate.Short lived thing are beautiful like the rainbow!( me too tried one big chikku kolam in the terrece and with in no time the Aadi Kaathu adhai adichikkittu poyidichu)

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beautiful design anty, romma neatta azha irrukku.

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Wow fantastic kolam and superb design brinda. Kindly courier all of us one kuzhal u use so that we can start competing with you. The angle of the photo resulted in an un-symmetric view.

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Thanks Rani, Rajusree, Jayaji, Sudha, Rajammaji, Aruna and Padma for your encouraging comments. Everything is easy when you have more practice in that, Rani. I draw the kolam with kuzhal and give outline to give it brighter look, so it is like making the kolam twice and it consumes more time for me. Jayaji, ungal kavidhai nayamaana vaarthaigal migavum azhagu! Aadi kaaththil ammiye parakkum podhu, kolam emmaththiram! Kaatrirkku kooda ungal kolaththai vittu poga manasillai polum, Rajammaji! But it is really sad if it doesn't even stay for few hours. I think this kolam is symmetric from any angle, Padma:) Actually i brought few kuzhals to give our friends in the first Chennai meet but i felt embarrassed to give that small thing and took it back.

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அழகென்றால் அழகு அவ்வளவு அழகு ,காற்றுதான் கலைத்தால் என்ன,மழை தான் கரைத்தால் என்ன ,காலத்தால் அழியாத கல் சிற்பம் போலே,கல்லிலே வரைந்த கலை சிற்பம் போலே ,எங்கள் மனதில் வரைந்து விட்டீர்களே .

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excellent creation beautiful design kaavi gives rich look i look the border design

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Looks like a bengali painting Brindha...

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Kolam and the design looks very pretty,brinda.nanum pottu pottu parkiren sariya varavillai.

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What a magnificient piece of art... Brindha maam u hv done it so beautifully, hats off to u... so sad it stayed only for few hours Sad

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Wow, it's beautiful! How sad that it stayed only for 3 hours :(.

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I'm so glad you could capture this beauty and share it with all of us. Smile

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Thanks Subashini for your lovely kavidhai. THank you Lakshmi, Jayanthi, Veni, Pushpa, Anushree and Lata. Veni whwn you are making such wonderful chikku kolams you can make this also. Keep trying, you will suceed one day:)

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Excellent work Brindha Maam.. 45 mins painstaking work turned to a lovely creation..

Brindha Maam Everyone would have been delighted to have/own your magic wand. It doesn't matter how small it is, its your love for them.. If possible I would like to have one from you...

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Brindha darling you need a big hug for this beauty. I am lost for words seeing this masterpiece. After ages I am seeing your wonder kolam. How could you do a thing like that - brought that kuzhal for us and took it back?? Who cares about the size of the gift - I am sure everyone respects the love more than the size - what friends don't you agree with me?? and you took it back with you?? Now punishment for you - please courier it to me from Kolkota Blum 3

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Great work! In Krishna's hands, another kuzhal gave enchanting music. In your hands, this kuzhal gave enchanting patterns.

Regards! - mOhana